About Arleigh Winokur

About Arleigh Winokur, Mississauga Personal Trainer

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Everyone has a different reason for needing a personal trainer. Arleigh Winokur works with your specific needs to produce the desired results – to create “the better you” that you want.

Only a very few trainers offer you everything – the EXPERIENCE, the EXPERTISE, the INTELLIGENCE, the PATIENCE and their own personal TRAINING FACILITY to produce such remarkable results.

Arleigh Winokur is the personal trainer for you. Call 905-823-0293 to arrange a time for your complimentary Personal Possibilities Profile and free introductory session.

Arleigh has been a successful personal trainer in Mississauga and the western GTA for over 20 years. She has a well-known reputation for helping each customer get the results they wanted and has worked with a wide range of clients, just like you.  They include:
– Men and women of all ages.
– Middle-aged women and men wanting to regain muscle, improve energy and lose weight.
– Anyone wanting to reduce or eliminate aches and pains.
– Women regaining their fitness and physique after having a baby.
– Athletes recovering from a sports-related injury, or preparing for a competitive event.
– Seniors wanting to maintain mobility or improve balance.
– Weekend warriors and soccer moms wanting to keep fit enough to be active with their growing kids.

Arleigh has always kept in touch with the latest, training techniques, behavioural knowledge, nutritional know-how and exercise technologies; following  important trends and rejecting fads.  Her role as a trainer of personal trainers requires a depth of knowledge beyond that of most trainers. Arleigh is a true personal training authority right here for you in Mississauga and the western GTA.

You need a personal trainer who will do more than just work you through lists of exercises and meal plans.  An exceptional trainer also applies a good dose of psychology.  In a truly personal approach there may also be habits to manage and other barriers to deal with. Keeping you motivated and focused are key ingredients to achieving results and Arleigh is renowned for keeping you on-target with wit, humour and an even bigger dose of fun.

Creating your personal plan is one thing. Following through and achieving the results you want sometimes requires a lot of patience.  Arleigh’s ability to continuously move you forward is essential to keep you going.

When you work with Arleigh you have exclusive use of her personal, well-equipped training facility. No big busy gyms to deal with, no rows of treadmills, equipment lineups or big parking lots to navigate. You get personal service in a space with equipment ready just for you.

Call Arleigh now to discuss your specific needs.  Try a session at No Charge!  No Pressure!  Or, if you prefer, send an email to ptstn@sympatico.ca


One of the best personal trainers in Mississauga and West GTA