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Testimonial – Sebastian

Testimonial – Sebastian


Testimonial – Sebastian:   Arleigh has a superior knowledge of anatomy and body  mechanics when it comes to training.  It is an absolute pleasure training with her as she teaches me new things every day.  With her knowledge of anatomy and how to address mSebastian parkuscle imbalances she has helped me break plateaus and reach new heights in athleticism in a short period of time. Arleigh has also helped coach me through various soft tissue issues that can develop with high-volume training, and that has been extremely valuable to me.  Her knowledge of functional training and biomechanics has been very interesting to me from an educational standpoint.  I highly recommended Arleigh if you want to break plateaus and learn something new every single session.

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Testimonial Myranda




In 2007 I was in introduced to Arleigh Winokur by my Mom, who also trains with her.  Since then I have been honored to have Arleigh as my personal trainer.

Arleigh has not only helped my core and other important elements of my fitness, but also gave insight on what will and what will not work for my body, including a detailed work out and nutrition plan to keep me on track the days I do not see her. Arleigh works with me one on one to guide me and show me exactly what I need to do to achieve my fitness goals. The PT Station is truly like a second home to me, as Arleigh makes it feel so friendly and comfortable, and with a positive and professional environment

Arleigh has taught me so much.  If I hadn’t met her I may not have been on the path I am now mentally or physically.  She helped me so much with finding myself.  Arleigh, I really owe you.  MJ



Testimonial – Vlad

Testimonial – Vlad

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I came to Arleigh in the worst shape of my life. I had been physically active for all of my youth and then in the last couple of years I really let myself go. With a slowing metabolism and a big appetite my body weight, self image and energy levels truly suffered.

I cannot put into words what Arleigh’s expertise gave me. Through her patience, knowledge, and understanding of exactly what my goals were I was able to achieve all of my goals and learn so much about the art of working out and proper diet.

It is because of Arleigh’s method that I today have not only a body that I am proud of, but that I feel better than I ever have from the inside. I highly recommend Arleigh as a personal trainer and nutritionist to anyone seeking to fully change their life around for the better. Just one bit of advice: Get read to work!!!  She will put you through your paces, but somehow always makes you feel like you can DO IT.

Testimonial – Deb W personal trainer mississauga

Testimonial – Deb W

Deb WI’ve been working with Arleigh Winokur since the fall of 2014 and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve had so far. My goal was to be in better shape than I was and to eliminate the knee problems I had been experiencing for years. For the first time in a very long time, I experienced zero knee fatigue/pain during this ski season. My stamina and endurance have increased dramatically. Plus, my body shape has changed for the better. I now look and feel better than I have in years of going to fitness classes at the gym. Arleigh switched it up for  me in a huge and very noticeable way. Thank-you Arleigh…I am so grateful!!!


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MPT Testimonial – Leigh B.


I recently lost 60 lbs but quickly realized that I needed some guidance in toning and building muscle. Initially I thought about joining a gym, but it is a bit daunting establishing routines that target the right areas and, frankly, it isn’t always easy staying motivated.

The idea of a personal trainer was scary because the cost seemed prohibitive, but once I made an appointment with Arleigh and she stepped me through the first few sessions I knew that this was the right choice for me.

Arleigh is great at motivating me to get results. Every session is different and I look forward to seeing her because I know she is helping me get to where I want to be.

Arleigh offered me a nutritional session and a workout plan to help reach my goals. I thought I was eating really well before, but she had so much to teach me.

It is easy to schedule sessions and the option to meet with her on the weekend and evenings gives me the flexibility I need for my active life.

Arleigh is passionate about what she does yet is easy going and always has something funny to say.

I have been seeing her twice a week and have noticed a change in my physique.

I would recommend her to anyone and would say “If you want to see results, see Arleigh.”