Testimonial Myranda




In 2007 I was in introduced to Arleigh Winokur by my Mom, who also trains with her.  Since then I have been honored to have Arleigh as my personal trainer.

Arleigh has not only helped my core and other important elements of my fitness, but also gave insight on what will and what will not work for my body, including a detailed work out and nutrition plan to keep me on track the days I do not see her. Arleigh works with me one on one to guide me and show me exactly what I need to do to achieve my fitness goals. The PT Station is truly like a second home to me, as Arleigh makes it feel so friendly and comfortable, and with a positive and professional environment

Arleigh has taught me so much.  If I hadn’t met her I may not have been on the path I am now mentally or physically.  She helped me so much with finding myself.  Arleigh, I really owe you.  MJ