To say that Arleigh’s clients recognize the excellence of her work is an understatement!  There are far more testimonials than we have room to print here. Below are recent extracts of appreciation.  You can read their full testimonials here (www.ptstation.com, Arleigh’s alternate website).

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Testimonial Excerpts for Arleigh Winokur Personal Trainer in Mississauga

  • Arleigh helped my lower back in only one session.
  • I recommend her…
  • It is an absolute pleasure training with her.
  • … she has helped me break plateaus …
  • Highly recommended …
  • … something new every single session.
  • … her patience, knowledge, and understanding …
  • … I was able to achieve all of my goals.
  • I feel better than I ever have.
  • I highly recommend Arleigh as a personal trainer.
  • I lost over 60 lbs …
  • … someone who really cares …
  • I am in the best shape of my life thanks to her dedication passion and inspiration.
  • I trust her and would recommend her …
  • She really is an incredible trainer.
  • … within 6 months I lost over 45lbs.
  • She knows how to train for different body types.
  • … gives awesome nutritional plans that work …
  • … helps people gain their confidence …
  • … beyond amazing.
  • … very comforting and welcoming …
  • … strengthened my core, legs, and upper body.
  • … gained more endurance …
  • No one can do personal training better than Arleigh!
  • … just what I needed to change my life around.
  • … so thankful I cannot say enough.
  • She worked with me through various injuries …
  • I have lost quite a lot of weight and become so much stronger …
  • I strongly recommend Arleigh.
  • … she will do exactly what is right for you.
  • Her commitment to achieving the best results is first class.
  • Arleigh has helped me with my pain management leading to rehabilitation and off pain medications.
  • Arleigh worked through my injuries, increasing my strength and stamina.
  • … my sciatic nerve pain has decreased dramatically.
  • … one of the very best trainers in the industry.

One of the best personal trainers in Mississauga and West GTA